Netflix Announces Meteor Garden 2018

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A new rendition of the 2001 Mandarin idol drama hit scripted, directed and produced by Angie Chai will premiere on July 13

Watch the METEOR GARDEN trailer:

Netflix, the world’s leading internet entertainment service, today announces that the new Mandarin series Meteor Garden 2018 will premiere on July 13. Scripted, directed and produced by multi-talented showrunner Angie Chai who teams up with renowned producer Adam Tsuei, this new rendition will recreate the sensation which swept Asia 17 years ago. Meteor Garden 2018 introduces a new generation of the “F4” cast with talent including Xu Xi Di, Amber Kuo and Harlem Yu.

Meteor Garden 2018 will premiere exclusively on Netflix globally excluding Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia. In most APAC markets, the first six episodes will be available on July 13n 7am PTS / 10pm SGT, with six new episodes added to service every Fridays afterwards, while Korea and Japan will join at a later date.

“Meteor Garden debuted in 17 countries and was well-received across Asia in 2001” said Chai. “It was a drama series loved by many including teenagers and young adults. The new rendition is re-adapted for the millennial generation from story, script to an on-demand viewing platform so that a new generation of viewers will enjoy this classic love story. Netflix is top-of-mind for me as the platform to present this classic remake because it will showcase the unique charisma of Asian idol dramas to a global audience. The new Meteor Garden also sets a new high for Mandarin idol drama. ”

Adam Tsuei, chief producer of Meteor Garden, has worked with Chai on many popular Mandarin television productions and is once again reunited for this highly-anticipated remake. He said, “There was a lot of pressure on sourcing for the right partners and resources when we made the decision to remake this pop classic. Thanks to our track record of successes and the support from Netflix, the reputation of Meteor Garden 2018 precedes its actual debut.”

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