Simple Breakfast Quesadillas

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Cookie and Kate
Simple Breakfast Quesadillas
easy breakfast quesadillas

How about breakfast for dinner tonight? I’m so excited to share these simple breakfast quesadillas with you, finally! They’re way more fresh than standard diner fare, but just as satisfying.

These breakfast quesadillas are stuffed with fluffy scrambled eggs, melt-in-your-mouth pinto beans, fresh herbs and gooey cheddar cheese, all of which contrasts so nicely with the crisp, golden exterior. These delicious high-protein quesadillas come together in about 25 minutes.

breakfast quesadillas ingredients

As much as I love the flavor combination shown here, I should mention that this recipe is quite flexible. If you’re in a big hurry, you can skip the herbs. If you’re looking for a lighter meal, I think you could get by without the cheese. Want to switch cuisines? I like the idea of mozzarella, basil and marinara instead of salsa.

If you’re sticking with the flavors shown here, don’t forget to serve these quesadillas with salsa (here’s my all-time favorite salsa). Homemade guacamole wouldn’t be a bad idea, either. (Is guac ever a bad idea? Trick question.)

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Sweet Potato Kale Homemade Baby Food Pouch Recipe
Sweet Potato Kale Homemade Baby Food Pouch Recipe | A Couple Cooks

Sweet Potato Kale Homemade Baby Food Pouch Recipe | A Couple Cooks

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Now that we have a toddler on our hands (Larson!) and we’re on the go a lot (zoo, splash park, book tour!), Alex and I have realized a few things. First, convenience foods for toddlers are almost never vegetables. There are lots of granola bars and cereal and fruit, but not a lot of veggie options. Second, putting veggies into tasty purees are a sure way that Larson will love to eat them. So, we’ve been using purchased baby food pouches with fruit or yogurt purees, which are perfect when you’re out on the go. But in true A Couple Cooks fashion, we wanted to figure out a way to make a homemade baby food pouch recipe for Larson’s everyday eats. It’s cheaper, you can control what’s in them, and it’s better for the environment with less packaging.

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